Who writes this blog?

The travel diary has been written by two hands, May Mc’Causland, Executive Producer of Studio AYMAC and Julia G. Ávila, Chief of Content of the same production company.

This is a short description of the tastes and interests of the people who tell their travel stories here:

May Mc’Causland

Executive Producer

Frida Kahlo used to say: ‘Why do I want feet, if I have wings to fly’ and I share the same feeling. I love traveling, not only to unknown places, but the trips that my mind takes me through the art of reading, imagining and even making movies, which is what I do entirely. I tell and live stories of others (I am very critical and much more with myself), perfectionist, sincere and very, very talkative. I love meeting people and I am a lover of community work. They recognize me within my closest nucleus as a producer and cultural manager and I have a team behind me that often believes more in me than myself.

Julia Gineth Ávila R.

Content Chief

Write, edit, travel, and design are things that I do and enjoy. I’m better at correcting other people’s stories, but at some point in my adolescent I ventured into writing stories and fanfictions (don’t judge me). As for travel, I like to know new places, but if I can go as a traveler and not as a tourist it’s better. What has always stayed with me afterwards every trip is the beauty of the people in each place I visit and how inside and outside of Colombia there are so many things to learn from others.

How does this blog start?

 We could say that the planets aligned, the desires came together and the muses commiserated, but in reality, everything was born when we returned from the last trip we made to the Pacific and found ourselves full of things to tell about it.

It was the end of January of the year of the confinement (2020), paradoxically it looked like a time in which we would have to constantly travel to make alliances in the territory with a view to strengthening the company’s projects related to the region.

We unpacked, in Cali first, in Bogotá later, with a number of images and sounds captured, all the equipment and many stories lived outside the range of the camera. So talking about the trip we made together and those that May made with Gustavo Angarita Jr, her associate and adventure partner, is how the idea of ​​this blog was born.


Parte del equipo de Denominación de Origen con la mochila al hombro

What can they find here?

Stories that the characters we meet along the way have told us, our reactions and experiences when coming into contact with the different communities and organizations on the team’s journey through the Pacific and even more so from 3 of these travelers, who we are in charge of collecting the memories and placing them in this backpack.

Visiting friend. We would like to hear from you, how you came to this small spot on the net and the history, what would you like to know about the Pacific, about us the writers, about us the travelers and filmmakers of the project, about the characters that we will be presenting in our entries of the blog and podcasts in this backpack. Finally, we are attentive to your comments and suggestions. This is where LA MOCHILA DESGUALANGA’ starts.’ Welcome!.

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