Written by: May Mc’Causland
Narrated by: May Mc’Causland and Gustavo Angarita Jr.
Recorded and Postproduced by: Simón Jaramillo of Vinilo Estudio.

Hello humans! As promised, I have compiled some photos, videos, interactive routes and links from the visit to Guapi, Cauca. What was the reason for the return of May’s Barranquillera and Gustavo’s “cachaco” to where it all began this adventure. And why it was so exciting to return to the Normal School, to the Vereda Sansón and to cross the Guapi River. There began this infatuation with the territories, exploring the culture, art and  lifetime of the people, which motivated us to embark on this beautiful journey through the Colombian Pacific.

Thank you all for listening and reading us, we are happy to hear from you and we will be attentive to your messages. See you to continue exploring La Mochila Desgualanga’.

Why Guapi?
Know the reason for returning to Guapi (Cauca) after more than 6 years touring the Colombian Pacific territories.
The Torres Brothers
The trajectory of the Torres dynasty and the search of the new generations to maintain the legacy of the Marimba de chonta in the territories.
Guapi Expedition
Again 4 days to the Pacific, for the second time in Guapi, in search of the roots of the most ambitious project of our lives.
Sound Journey
Listen in the fascinating voice of Gustavo how it was for him to return to where his love for the Pacific territories began.
Fun Fact
Listen to May’s voice, what is the wonderful tourist recommendation that you can enjoy near Guapi, Cauca. A dream of a place!

The  Podcast Promises


Here you will find the link to the first podcast and its respective promises where you can view and review the ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING section: Guapi How not to love you! so that they understand us. and find out why going back to Guapi meant going back to the roots of this wonderful project.


Departure from Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport in Santiago de Cali

On the road to the Airport

Gustavo and May (me) with all the bags

Crew of this Expedition: (In order of appearance) Julia, John, Carolina, Mauricio, May (me) and Gustavo

Arrival Guapi, Cauca

The handshake of the creators of Studio AYMAC What a thrill to get to Guapi!

The happy faces of Gustavo and May (me) landing in Guapi

Landed at Juan Casiano Solis Airport in Guapi, Cauca

First encounter with the territory. On the motorcar on the way to Hotel Los Delfines

Memories of the first trip. The first meeting with Genaro Torres

At the Vereda Sansón, we visited to Genaro Torres

Martin Orejuela under the lens of Gustavo Angarita navigating the Guapi River towards the Vereda Sansón.

Gustavo with a relative of Genaro Torres who sang with him

In the first meeting with the legendary Genaro Torres


The Torres brothers are recognized for being the forerunners of the Marimba de chonta tradition – which they call the pentatonic – in the South Pacific. I invite you to learn more at the links:

Vereda Sansón, Casa de la Familia Torres


Gualajo: El hombre de las marimbas encantadas


Un viaje por la música del río Guapi


Gualajo, known for being the king of the marimba, was the youngest of the Torres brothers who decided to leave Guapi at an early age to export the traditional Marimba.

Gualajo under our lens in an interview in Cali.

A photograph of the father of the Torres brothers José Antonio Torres in the hands of his son Gualajo with whom he not only shared his name, but also his love for the marimba.

Links of interest about Gualajo:

Genaro and Francisco Torres in the Vereda Sansón

Hugo Candelario, born in Guapi, Cauca, is recognized for preserving the ancestral sounds of the Marimba and with more than 30 years of experience, this past Petronio Álvarez Music Festival paid tribute to his experience and talent.

Hugo Candelario Sevillano talks about his origin

Hugo Candelario playlist on Spotify

A documentary that we found on the web


Francisco Torres and Hugo Candelario in the Vereda Sansón

Nany Valencia in Guapi, Cauca.

Thanks to the work of the cultural leader and teacher Ruth Marien Valencia, better known as ‘Nany Valencia’, the new generations continue to maintain the musical tradition in Guapi, Cauca. Nany leads the collective Tejiendo Saberes (Weaving Knowledge) with young people around music and dance.

These are the groups present in the territories that have participated in the renowned Petronio Alvarez Pacific Music Festival.

Semblanzas del río Guapi

Amanecer Guapireño

Reencarnación del Pacífico

Camarón de playa

Raíces tradicionales en voces de cantadoras


The main product of this Guapi Expedition was carried out during the 4 days and the most anticipated visit was to the Torres Brothers in the vereda Sansón, hence the result of the documentary short film Genaro Torres: The Legacy of the Great Marimbero.

his is the official trailer for the documentary, which is currently on the festival circuit.

The arrival of Sanson with the crew

The filmmakers on their way to Sanson, sailing down the Guapi River

The happy face of Genaro Torres when he received us at his house

1,2,3 action. Recording at the house of Genaro Torres

Gustavo, Genaro and May (me) in Sanson finishing filming. This was going back to the roots!

Gustavo’s happy face in the rain at the end of the filming of short film with Silverio Mena (Lanchero) and Roberto Cuero (Drone)

If you want to know more about the Guapi Expedition, I recommend the blogs written by my friend and fellow traveler Julia G. Ávila of each day, available on the main page of the Expedition. 

In the pre-production Julia and May (me) days before leaving Cali for Guapi

In the territories Julia and May (me) touring Guapi



Cali as the capital of the Pacific

Cali has recognized itself as the capital of the Colombian Pacific, from its social and cultural policies around the territories and the greatest expression where all the practices are united is in the Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival for this reason many of the musicians live the city, as is the case of Nidia Gongora and Esteban Copete who value ancestral knowledge and maintain it in their music.

Nidia Góngora

Who is Nidia according to the British Council?

Nidia and May (me) recording the podcast interview at  her Viche & Tapao Positivo restaurant

​​In the restaurant Gustavo playing Marimba

Nidia Gongora, Gustavo and Esteban Copete

Esteban Copete and his Kinteto Pacífico 

In the Restaurant, May (me) recording an interview with Esteban Copete about the Torres Brothers

The post that Esteban Copete published on social networks with Gualajo

It should be clarified that this meeting at Viche & Tapao Positivo was authentic, there was no preparation for it, which tells us that it is a meeting space where you experience the Pacific in Cali.

Nidia inviting to everybody her restaurant

Cra. 25 #7-57, Cali, Valle del Cauca (near the Alameda Gallery)

Reservations at: +57 321 7753202


Memorable moments of the expedition

Infallible! The visit to Gustavo’s Normal Superior, where his mother shaped his legacy in Guapi

Navigating the Guapi River again -this time accompanied by our friends from the National Navy-

Our friends from the fruit stand and May (me) in front of the San José Educational Institution. Was nice moment!

María Dominga Cuero, an artisan who told us that ”If you hear a marimba and you doesn’t move, it’s because you’re dead”

Her crafts

Recording the audio interview with the midwife María Jesús Banguera from Timbiquí, Cauca who is part of the Association of Midwives of Timbiquí, Cauca

María Jesús Banguera, ”Midwives are always at the service of the community’

A religious song by Helen Nicole Grueso Sinisterra and Leidy Micolta Hurtado who are part of the Tejiendo Saberes (Weaving Knowledge) collective led by Nany Valencia.

Traditional Midwifery

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