How I see our role in the wonderful art of turning a brand into part of its users’ lives.

First things first, I have to say that I don’t want to make this an educational paper. In our modern world, you can find better and more renowned authors about this topic that can explain all about every step that needs to be done to be a successful storyteller.

My intention is simpler. I want to take you, my dear reader, to an expedition through my tangled mind, hoping that you can get  the gist of what the heck storytelling is and why I think that teaming with those like me, who make and tell stories for a living, can be helpful in the process of brand building.

The narrative we are talking about here is not just creative stuff, because you need prior knowledge about the brand, its mission, vision and the type of customers or users targeted. When creating the best backstory for a company, many professionals from different departments are involved. Among them, you can find us, the storytellers.

When I say “Storytellers’’, I talk about myself and all my colleagues: writers, filmmakers, even actors, and many others. I am convinced that we are the past and future of this ancient trade. 

Long ago, when humans lived in hunter-gatherer communities, the narrator had its place by the fire. There, they would share myths and legends that then became part of their reality and their traditions. Since then until today, tales fascinated us. We learned to love and hate the characters in wonderful stories and to see ourselves reflected in them, particularly when  their ethics and objectives match ours. We evolve, so do stories that have evolved and remain  an important part of our lives.

Now, how can brands and organizations take advantage of storytelling? Well, marketing geniuses discovered that even though quality and price are important factors when buying a product or purchasing a service, there is something that has more value in our mind when deciding between options, and it is the feeling of being part of something.

Creating this concept needs a lot of information about the business and the surrounding people. For this, my friends, the data scientists can be really useful. With all the information provided by good research plus the values, goals and the target of the brand, now we have all the ingredients to create the real image – i.e., story-, concept and personality that the business wants to show to the world.  This is where storytellers come into play.

With our experience using language to move feelings* we can help to find the best way to say and show all  the brand is; using different media, creating characters that represent the brand’s values and creating audiovisual products that help to achieve the marketing and business goals. 

A good Storytelling helps increase loyalty inside and outside the organization, because as humans we crave feeling part of something bigger.

It is then time to talk about the discourse and, with it, talk about going from “Storytelling” to “Storydoing”. It is not really the subject of this writing, but I will say that in these times we cannot just leave everything in fancy words, but instead, take the leap to “Storydoing” which means taking the newly created narrative to the entire business. Likewise, it is not enough to create good campaigns and publicity. The brand must act under everything its brand promises.

For a business that is taking the journey of building its story, it is really important that its brand ambassadors (leaders, salespeople or CEO) really believe in what they say in front of their audiences, which includes customers, investors, associates or the public in general. To help improve their oral and public skills, using a performing arts professional can be of much help. Sometimes, a small expression workshop can do wonders for them.

I want to remind you that even when the role of a creative is important, it isn’t the only important part of this effort. All the knowledge and background information from the data search lets us get clear on the scope and goals . This is a big part of the success of all the effort and energy  that will be dedicated to make a bond with your clients. A brand that finds a good place in the heart and mind of people, will have in their employees and clients the best promoters that they can imagine, more effective than any social influencer.

Let me finalize by saying that you can count on Studio AYMAC to be part of this adventure. We are available to team up in the search for your brand story in any stage of the process leading to storydoing. I look forward to your  comments to know more about you and your needs. Please submit your suggestions for future posts, just in case that you feel my words can be useful.

Do you want to know more about storytelling? Do you need to read some examples of it? Want to talk about storydoing? I have a lot of things to talk about, stories and experiences from my work in the movie creation world.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my brain. See you later, alligator.

*Please remember that my first language is Spanish, so maybe my writing in English isn’t so pleasant, but I hope with more articles like this one I can improve.