As a Colombian micro-enterprise, Studio AYMAC cannot be indifferent to what is happening in our country. That is why we feel the need to pause the promotion and premieres of our podcast LA MOCHILA DESGUALANGA’.

This documentary podcast series is part of APPELLATION OF ORIGIN, a project that we started over 4 years ago full of fantasies of a beautiful and magical territory of beaches and jungles. Today we can say that magic exists but also great difficulties: insufficient access to public services; rampant insecurity; forced displacement; socioeconomic stigmatization; structural racism; the lack of guarantees for social leaders; the lack of attention to health, education and opportunities; among many others, that for decades have led its inhabitants to raise their voices and march in search of being heard.

Today not just a region but an entire nation in crisis is seeking for CHANGE. For this reason we join the voices that request dialogue, we support the right to peaceful protest and we pause to express our feelings. As a content channel, we will continue working on projects, attentive to any requirements and / or requests from our consumers, clients and suppliers.

We invite you to take a minute and reflect: after such a violent history, why believe bullets are the answer?

WE ARE ALL ONE NATION, regardless of our racial, social, economic and ideological differences.